Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quote for a new blogger

Allen heard of a quote from Mark Twain he thought I might want to letter the other day.  While I was looking it up I found this one which was shorter and quick to letter.  I put it in my lettering doodle book where I store my ideas but I thought it turned out pretty good for a quickie.  I also thought it was a great quote for a new blogger like me with not a lot of visitors yet.  Soon I'll tackle the larger quote Allen found.  This quote was lettered with Micron pens, watercolor and watercolor pencil on inexpensive card stock.


Autumn said...

Hi Carolyn, what a lovely bit of lettering! You are just right on this being good for bloggers, new and old. :) Where ever did you learn to letter? What resources could I find. I love this art form, but don't know the right approach to begin. I find that my lettering is basically 3 variations of my own writing. ;0 Help please.
Autumn Clark

Lisa Cash said...

Hi Carolyn, I completely agree with this quote! So true! And your work is beautiful - I love all the colors.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments.

I will definitely be checking yours out regularly for inspiration on my Journal. :-)

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