Saturday, March 12, 2011

Run, don't walk to Michael's for these fun finds

I went to Michael's yesterday just to wander around and see what was new.  There are a ton of things on clearance... looks like they're revamping the store.  At any rate in the loose scrapbook paper section, I found these two papers.  They were marked down to $0.50 but when I went to check out they were actually only $0.14 each!  Wow!  I bought every sheet they had.  These are both cut out designs, the red one on the left is cardstock, the blue one on the right is thin plastic.  I've been having a blast with these, using them as stencils.
For this page I used the red paper stencil.  The background is Caran d'Ache crayons mixed with gesso.  I stenciled over the paper stencil with white paint. The outlines here and there are made with Caran d'Ache drawn around some of the spots and blended with water and a brush.  I've been in kind of a negative mood lately so I wrote cheerful words in some of the sections.
On these two pages I used the letter stencil with acrylic paint.  This was done in an altered book and I let the text show through.
Here is the finished page of my altered book.  I colored the pages with pale yellow watercolor and then stamped swirls in black.  I then added ink circles with a bottle cap top.  To the center piece I added 4 tags again with positive words to get me thinking in a more positive manner. 

This is just what I did with these stencil papers today, I know I'm going to continue to have fun with these  and how can you go wrong for only $0.14 each!  Eventually when the papers are all gunked up with different colors of ink and paint I think the actual papers will end up in my journals.  So run, don't walk to Michael's to get these papers.  Maybe your store will even have more choices than just these two!

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Erin said...

Love these. I am scrapbooker so I have tons of this kind of thing. I will have to try it out. Love the square/oval one...with the words in the white areas...too cool!

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