Sunday, June 26, 2011

Card: Marvin and Annette's Wedding

 Last week was my nephew Marvin's wedding.  He found Annette about a year ago and she's so bubbly and fun!  I'm so happy for them both!  I of course had to make them a card and found this little phrase a few months ago and wrote it down, I think it's perfect for a wedding or anniversary card.

The background is painted vintage music paper ripped on the edges and splattered with gold paint.  I also splattered the envelope and inside of the card with gold paint.  The middle ground papers are two different gold foil patterned papers on cream from India.  The front paper is card stock that I had lettered.  I think a border was needed around the lettering, but I didn't have the room once it was done.  This card took about 4 hours to make...not sure if I'm poky or picky! ;)
I hope they like it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Step-By-Step: June Calendar Page

I finished June's calendar page a few days after June started...I always seem to do that.  Anyway, I am so into the green in my yard and all around me this time of year I thought the page should be as green as possible.  This background is splattered watercolor and watered down acrylic paint through a stencil of abstract squares.  

The day squares are made from lime green watercolor paint applied to cardstock.  There's a bit of brush marks on the squares that the camera didn't really pick up.

The finished page has June written in water based Sharpie paint marker.  I also stamped a few images around the edges in black StazOn ink.  I was really happy with how the individual day squares turned out, I just loosely brushed watercolor around each square and then added the day number in black gel pen.

I hope you have a ton of wonderful things to remember in June!  Happy green days!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tutorial: Frosted Glass Candle Holders

 With our new table out on the deck finally delivered, I thought it was time for new candle holders outside.  I started with simple glass votive and round candle holders from Micheal's as the base.  Using an X-Acto knife on a healing pad with a ruler, I cut varying lengths and widths of masking tape.

I covered each of the candle holders with lots of strips of tape.  Using Krylon white frosted glass paint, I painted each of the glass holders with two coats of paint letting the first coat dry before I did the second coat.  Use a sweeping motion from side to side to apply the paint. 

I let them dry for about an hour before removing the tape.  Pretty fun!

I really like them when they're lit up at night.  See the wonderful patterns the cast behind them?

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step process.  Happy summer!
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