Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trying a Longer Quote

The other day I posted that Allen found a quote he thought I'd like to letter.  He knows me...I always make things out to be bigger than they actually are when I look back at them so this quote is really a good one for me.   I've been a bit hesitant to letter large much lining up to do between each line of text and so many letters to get the same size.  But I finally tried this quote and I was pretty happy how it turned out.  I am noticing my letters slant up to the right though...going to have to work on that. I did this piece on card stock...really have to start breaking out the watercolor paper and splurging a bit!

This quote was lettered with Micron Pens, painted with inexpensive watercolor and the outline was created with masking fluid.

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