Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Use those little scraps

The other day I was working at my desk and a little box full of small scraps fell over and spilled all over my workspace.  I save these little scraps for making inchies and other things, but this was just silly.  There were literally tons of them that spilled out...something had to be done!  I grabbed my square altered book that I've made into an art journal and went to work.  Not really thinking about what I picked up, I started randomly gluing the little bits onto my layout.  I do admit that I went for mostly blues and greens but I really didn't try to think about it.  This particular journal I don't usual write much in...but a few days later I felt the need and wrote on the more flat pieces of paper about a conversation Allen and I had. 

I definitely want to try this again...maybe warmer colors next time?

1 comment:

milkcan said...

Looooooooooooove this spread! It's super duper fabulous!

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