Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Art Space

About two years ago I gave up art completely for entirely too long...didn't even feel like making birthday cards for people...there was nothing.  Then about a year ago my muse returned full speed and I hit my art room almost every day now.  Life is so much better with art!

My art room was a little cramped though, I had everything in one corner and there just wasn't enough room.  My desk was crowded, my drawers were crowded...I felt wayyy too crowded.  Finally after realizing my muse was here to stay, Allen and I started rearranging my space about a month ago.  To my desk and table, we added another huge desk we weren't using, now I have a "U" shaped space with more than enough room.  We also got a wonderful drawer unit from Ikea, new lights, and the final bit was a chair that was not too tall, not too short.  By moving things around, I'm also now smack dab in front of a window with a view too! I absolutely love my new space!

This page was made with a chair picture from the Ikea directions, inexpensive watercolor, highlighters, and Sharpie water based paint markers.


Cynthia said...

so exciting that you have a super space and a muse that is inspiring. hope you have fun and amazing days in your new playground. Thanks for sharing.

Trece said...

How wonderful!! More space AND a window with a view!!! Enjoy your weekend!

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