Thursday, April 7, 2011

Postcards to the Children of Japan

I stumbled upon Quinn McDonald’s blog the other day and she's collecting postcards to send to the children of Sakura Japan.  "What a wonderful idea!" I thought immediately.  Why not send some color and a bit of cheer if I could?...I'll make tons!

When I actually sat down to make them though, I was stumped and overwhelmed.  What to say?  What do you say to children in the midst of such a nightmare?  On top of it, I was limited by materials...they needed to be something that I could mail without a mail machine ripping them apart (didn't do collage and I love collage...cut out tons of butterfly's initially) and what if they got wet in the rain (no watercolors).  And yet I wanted them fun and full of color.  Finally I just said to myself to "just make them!!!" and I did.  I hope to make more, but for now, I've got these two that are going out in the mail tomorrow.  I ended up using Prismacolor markers, reinkers and gel markers.

Thank you Quinn for taking on this project!  I truly hope you bring a little bit of color and cheer to the children of Sakura Japan.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making these, Carolyn. It's heartbreaking to be a refugee in your own country, and I think a bit of color and a kind word will go far for these children. Sakura means Cherry Blossom in Japanese, and the cherry blossom festival is a time of celebration in Japan. I didn't want the kids to miss out on the warmth and joy of that celebration. Thanks for making these!

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