Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quote: Domino with another bout of stasis

I've been a little absent from my blog lately because we've been dealing with another bout of stasis with Domino.  It's a pretty common ailment with rabbits where their digestive systems shuts down, but it can cause death in 24 hours.  We had to administer drugs, food and water by force for days to get him through this but luckily he started eating and thus taking his drugs voluntarily after 3 days.  I kept thinking of this quote every day and knew I had to letter it.  He really scared the sh*t out of us this time.  Usually he snaps out of it pretty quick, but not this time.  Allen and I can handle this and we always seem to nurse him back to health but it's so hard...and this time it seemed particularly tricky.  And you feel so terrible bun-handling him too.

I did this quote with Micron pens and colored it with watercolor.  Domino and the border were masked with masking fluid to create the white.  He's such a bright white, shining star in our lives.  We just love this little guy but I really, really, really hope this is the last time he'll get sick.

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Andria said...

I really like your lettering on this piece. I had no idea that this was a Mother Theresa quotation! I've said something similar myself various times in my life. I must have heard it before without realizing it!

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