Saturday, April 30, 2011

Camera Playing

 I am in love with my new camera.  I had been shooting with a Canon Rebel and the pictures just weren't turning out right no matter what I did or what I tried.  Two weeks ago I finally ordered a Nikon D3100 with the intention of "just trying it and sending it back"...that ain't gonna happen.  This baby is mine and I'm keeping it.  No present for my birthday, anniversary, Christmas...for the rest of my life?  In order to justify keeping it I told myself I need to figure out how to shoot totally manual and lots of subjects.  So today I tried things that were in bloom in our yard...yum!

Gorgeous deep purple Azalea in the backyard.

I'm not sure what this pretty little white "weed" is that comes up in spring in you know what it is?  Please let me know if you do...yummy isn't it?

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