Sunday, January 1, 2012

Step-By-Step Journal Page - Positive Thoughts

I thought it would be fun to document making an art journal layout step-by-step so here is a page I worked on for a few days.  The fist step above was spreading acrylic paint with a credit card to create the background color.  Next I did some writing that I wanted to just get out of me and not read again.  Then I added some colored music collage bits to the sides.

 Next I added more paint on the edges and blended it it with a baby wipe.

I love stamps that are loaded with pattern so that came next.

Gotta love paper tape or washi tape...they came next.

More paint was stenciled through punchinella or sequin waste to create the little dots.  I also added some metallic paper strips and black ink with a wine cork I carved that makes squares.

Lastly I added some more uplifting words so the page would be a positive reminder with all the bad thoughts I was having buried underneath.  I love my Wite-Out correction pen for making white lines and lettering.

I hope you enjoyed seeing one of my layouts in a step-by-step process!


Amy said...

I love seeing the progression of layers- thanks for sharing. I'm always interested to see how people build their pages. Your results are great!

Julie Richards said...

Beautiful layout. I love the details. Truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
hugs Julie

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