Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blue, Green, Purple Journal Pages

Joanne Sharpe over at Whimspirations posted a little challenge to make a page out of blue, green and purple.  I'm always putting blue and green together, but loved adding a bit of purple to some of my layouts too.  The background layout above I made just for this challenge, the very back color is a seafoam green but photographed blue.  I think it still needs a bit...but like so many art journaling folks, we just keep layering right?  The pages below are still evolving, but I'm trying to add the blue, green and purple to all of them (they started out just green and blue...I love the purple additions too!). 

1 comment:

Aimeslee said...

These are gorgeous Carolyn, so soothing and pretty! xoxo

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