Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tutorial: New Art Journal Cover Design

 It was time for a new journal and I wanted to try something bigger than I'm used to working in.  Allen and I went to the library and hit the book store.  I found this spiral bound book with great hard covers and the pages had pretty good weight to them too.  Not hugely excited about it being a pregnancy journal, but I'll live.

 The first step was to cover both the front and back covers with text pages.  I'm a junkie for Latin, but anything goes really.  I used an ordinary glue stick to attach the pages to the covers

 When the glue stick was dry, I scribbled with NeoColor II watersoluable crayons in green and blue.  I didn't really think about where the color was going...just scribbled...what fun!

 Then I applied water and the colors melded together...

 Next I used my soft brayer to roll on some watered down acrylic white paint.  When that was dry I started using stencils and spray on ink...sorry to say the pictures of these steps didn't turn out.

Next I made a title and added some inchies I made in the Every Inchie Monday Challenge from last year.  The green paper is again some text pages painted with green.

The last step was to add black acrylic paint with a credit card.

I'm enjoying working in this book.  The larger size was intimidating at first, but now I'm liking it.  The cover is a bit "cute" or "pretty" for me, but I love the colors and I'm glad these three inchies found homes.

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Amy said...

I ran across this on Pinterest. Lovely journal! Glad to have found your blog.

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