Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Step-By-Step: A Striped Page in Beth's Journal

About once a month, Beth and I exchange Moleskin journals.  We were paired together from one of my online art journal groups last Fall and it's an absolute blast getting her journal to work in and see what she's put into mine each month.  Here is a spread of pages I did in her journal...

I started by stenciling through scrapbook paper with acrylic paint in dark purple.  I then put a wash of lighter purple paint to color the spaces in between.

 This piece of cardstock I decorated a while ago with splatters of watercolor paint.  I then drew random swirls around the paper with a black Pitt pen.  Using a ruler and Exacto knife I then cut the paper.

I cut the paper into strips that weren't uniform in width for interest.  Using a glue stick I attached them to the page leaving about a 1/4-1/2" in between the strips.

Because the book is so fat, I found it easiest to simply cut off the excess with a detail scissors.

The last step was to fill in some writing.  I used a Glaze black gel pen on the purple parts.
I hope she likes this spread!


Caatje said...

That looks just wonderful.

Andria said...

I REALLY like this...the colors, the paper strips, the fun!!

Desi said...

love this! I wish I had someone to share a journal with once in and bit, that would be awesome and inspired! :D

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