Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playing in the yard

Not a whole lotta art going on this weekend, instead we've been playing in the yard.  It was a bit too early to buy all the annuals we wanted, so we got what we could and will do the rest of the yard next weekend.  This weekend we mainly did the pots for the deck and planted a couple of perennials.

Empty pots waiting to be cleaned of their leftover dirt from last year and filled with new dirt and flowers.

 Our back deck is shady so impatiens are about our only choice for bright color.

I love our two new perennial additions to our sun bed, these are spring blooming Columbines, one in pink and one in a bluish purple.  I have to admit I'm a junkie when it comes to blue flowers...they're not very common are they?

It was a gorgeous sunny weekend here in Pennsylvania, not too warm not too chilly.  I hope it's gorgeous where you are and filled with spring flowers!

1 comment:

Paper Crafting Diva said...

Your columbines are beautiful. I really like the blue one. I have pink and purple.

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