Thursday, September 8, 2011

Calendar Pages July and August

When summer hits I tend to live on my deck.  It's hard for me to go down into my art room, even with it's windows...I really just want to be outside.  I did manage to make my July page and fill it in.  I admit that I was keeping most "events" for July on post it notes and then occasionally making it downstairs to fill in the days.  July's page was made with splashes of watercolor and the large flower stamps are actually a packing peanut.

Allen and I quit smoking on July 30th.  We're really, really good smokers so I tried to keep my hands busy the first few days.  August's page was washes of watercolor and then one of our first nights not smoking I just doodled and doodled swirls on the border.  It took about an hour or so and really kept my hands busy.

September is coming soon...right now I'm again keeping a note on each day on post it notes. 

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Good for you! For quitting smoking and for finding a creative way to distract yourself. I love this style calendar...only requires a sentence or 2 per day!

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